My writing journey began when I received my first journal at the tender age of twelve; prior to pen and paper my musings were expressed via Windows 98 Microsoft Word. I vividly remember being the first one in the house to wake up, excited to plant myself in front of the computer and escape to my own world of pre-teen literature. Once I was encouraged to convey my emotions in my new journal, there was no turning back from that point forward—writing immediately became my healthy getaway. There’s something to be said about the raw innocence that accompanies bleeding before a diary or keyboard. You learn a great deal about yourself when you are able to go back and read your own emotions and thoughts throughout the months and years.

I urge others to turn off mindless distractions and enter the world of soul-searching compositions. Explore the art and cherish the journey. Quite often our inner beauty manifests itself through heart-rending availability. Don’t ever shy away from that, for you never know who you are healing by way of genuine vulnerability.