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Keep Me Young & Call My Bluffs

“Even a good decision if made for the wrong reasons can be a bad decision”.

That's straight wisdom right there. I think far too often we're (or at least I'm) not thinking of the future when I make decisions. I definitely struggle with acting on impulse and having absolutely no insight into the future. It's something I used to pride myself on (being spontaneous) but perhaps I've gotten a little too carried away; depends who you ask.

On the other hand, overthinking shit can be such a waste of time. It's like contemplating whether or not to get a tattoo — the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to wuss out. Once I settled my mind on just doing it, I…just did it. I wonder how many people spend the majority of their lives contemplating things to no end. That's not how I want to live or leave, for that matter. I want to get out there and DO, and I intend to. Travel to places in which I didn't know my eyes could experience such beauty, meet people in which I didn't know my heart was capable of loving, experience sensations in general in which my senses completely explode. I don't want to look back saying "I wish I would've"; that by far would be my biggest regret…and I'm not interested in regretting anything in the first place.

I'm aiming for endless. Endless anything and everything. I'll get there, regardless of who accompanies me.

Rivers Of Living Water