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Prompt: Don't Interrupt

Her journey, for she can’t be distracted.

Hush, no noise. Watch her. Study her the way a lion studies their prey.

Hone in on her determination to find herself.

Look for sudden movements of the desire to jump ship.

To give up.

Are your eyes peeled yet?

Her quest for fatherly love.

Stay quiet as you listen to the sobering tears land on the pages of her journal.

She writes and she writes and she writes.

You’re the one studying her, tell me, what is it that she’s writing about?

Letters to her physically present but emotionally absent father?

A courtesy note that she’s cutting him off? That he’s dead to her?

The awkward silence that accompanies the cold embrace between the two of them.

The two of us. Daddy and daughter. Deceitfully distant as we’ve always been.

So emotionally detached that it’s palpable. I can touch the abandonment.


Uncomfortable? Raw? Good.

Let it sit.

Don’t interrupt.

Emergency Divine

A Quarter Century