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Joshua David

From the moment I laid eyes on you, surely I was infatuated. Cradling your tiny hand into mine as you slept, I swore your marvelous thick eyelashes could reach the heavens. If ever I was clever, enough to make you giggle, I instantly puffed up as a hero in my own head; to see you smile gave me life. I adored you equally as much as I annoyed you, smothering you with both kisses on your cheek and noogies on your beautiful head of rich brown hair. To explain the connection a sister feels towards her brother, her little sweet brother (his second mother) would be the equivalent of attempting to count every grain of sand on the beach. We are miles and miles apart and yet I continue to watch over you every minute of every day. Rejoice over you, for you're perfect in every way.


For my brother, JD


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