Based in New York, Spiritualundertones is a blog by Sarah Almengor. Her posts reflect spirituality, relationships, and everyday life through her personal musings, photography and acquired wisdom.

She, A Mystery

She is the warmth that your body shivers for, the water that will quench your thirst. The air that you gasp for, grasp towards, that's her. Beauty supreme, internally. Her heart is her mirror, where she spends her precious time reflecting. She balances both poetry and fire in her spirit; she makes her mark on the Earth with her smile. She is the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm, gracing your face with her rays of light. That's her. Every word she speaks sings melodies straight to your soul, piercing lyrics of love. The moonlight falls prey to her glimmering eyes; she has a face that beams with bona fide joy. Her lips are the dew after the rain, something to take in and close your eyes while you enjoy.  Her silk-like hair is a sweet-smelling, mysterious place of solitude. She is all the hues in a breathtaking sunset, every brush stroke a talented artist can make. That's her. She serves as the blood in your veins and motivation to rise at dawn. She wears imperfection perfectly, confidently embraces her flaws which most people overlook. A blind man once told her she was the most beautiful woman his heart had ever seen. Her passionate soul is her secret weapon, and she uses it diligently. She knows it will never pass away.

Grace Carries

The Choice To Die