Based in New York, Spiritualundertones is a blog by Sarah Almengor. Her posts reflect spirituality, relationships, and everyday life through her personal musings, photography and acquired wisdom.

I promise to stay true to this promise. I promise to "let love set you free to fly your pretty wings around". I promise to look out for you while you're out doing you, discovering you. Growing. Learning. Failing. Trying harder. Repeating that process. I promise to make sure your heart is guarded this time, for your value is far more than all the rubies in the world…but you need to get to the point where you not only see that, but believe it. Know it. I promise to never doubt you, nor the person God created you to be, nor the beautiful person you already are. I promise to embrace your shortcomings while simultaneously encouraging healthy change. We all have our imperfections; there is a difference between being gracefully flawed and cancerously stubborn. I promise to learn you the way a pianist conditions his fingers to know the notes so intimately. I promise to love you for all that you are. I promise to admire your beauty as a unique work of art, not merely a cheap comparison to something else. I promise to never let anyone blind you to the point of not being able to see them for who they really are, resulting in them masterfully manipulating you. I promise to always see you as a rare diamond, not only a sight for my sore eyes, but something special that will always hold it's incredible value. I promise to not allow you to sell yourself short again. I promise to encourage you to wait until you know that you know that you know you are loved to full, maximum capacity. I promise to encourage you to not rush into anything until you know without a shadow of doubt that you are understood. That your emotional connection to music and art is completely understood, and shared. That your wild personality is never tainted or dumbed down, but praised. That your writing is read. Felt. That your tears aren't met with coldness, but with warm compassion. That your mind and all your colorful thoughts are stretched even further, not cut off due to bitter incompetence. That your dream of being with someone who actually makes a real effort to understand you comes true. I promise to wait with you. I promise to believe with you. I promise you, that someone is out there.


I had to leave, I have to live
I had to lead, I had to live

Healed Intellect

Left Pondering