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Day One: Looking Back

She looks up from her keyboard and the hastily-adorned Christmas tree catches her eye. It begs for attention. I suppose it’s something they can laugh about for years to come, the tree in all it’s partly decorated, lopsided glory. There was no way she was opting for a fake one. It’s dinner time, but she’s typing away, reflecting on the past year of her life. His footsteps joyously dance across the kitchen floor; serving her brings him great pleasure. If you were to ask him what his purpose in life is, I believe his answer would be regarding loving her to the fullest capacity. His shortcomings (and he did have them) were never birthed from spite. He never purposely hurt her, but when he unknowingly did, he purposely apologized from a place of sincerity. That’s how she knew he loved her.

Their first official holiday together. A beautiful, newly renovated apartment with scents of pine and balsam fir welcoming you as you enter in. They turned a house into a home, albeit void of children. The shameful debauchery of last winter pales in comparison, there is no comparison, to the sweet comfort of waking up to “I love you so much” being whispered into your ear. The two found each other and ended up falling in love: typical plot of a romantic movie, if I don’t say so myself. Neither one of them foresaw their relationship evolving into what they have now — companionship, laughter, intimacy, romanticism, support, comfort in one another, magic…

Dinner is served with love. It was a good year. She at times thought they wouldn’t make it; lo and behold they did. There was a fair share of heartbreak and pain, but they got through it together…one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of a relationship: how two people ride out the storm. They’re in love, they didn’t drown. Tossed around and disheveled from the strength of the current? Maybe, for a short season. The term “strength in numbers” is used to say that a group of people has more influence or power than one person. I disagree. The two of them aren’t a group, but there’s power in their love for one another strong enough to pull themselves out of the grips of defeat. They made it out of 2018 alive, both as a couple and as individuals. There’s no strength in numbers…there’s strength in genuine, rescuing love. And it saved her life.

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