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Prompt: False Start

Hey Siri, define “false”: not according with truth or fact; incorrect.

Everyone in this day and age seems to be hopping on the “own your truth” bandwagon. “Speak your truth”, “live your truth”, etcetera. The problem with that is, is that when we are the ones in charge of defining truth, we are essentially our own God. Our own lord, our own savior? And not for nothing, but…things go really bad when God lets me be God, or, when I expect “the universe” to obey and repay me. Speaking things into existence serves almost as an aphrodisiac to many people, but to me, I dunno. I wouldn’t trust myself with that kind of power. I’ve seen the outcome of a life surrendered to “thine own free will”. It’s ugly. Spooky. Every man for himself if we, mere humans, are really going to determine what is good and what is evil. Selfishness. Pride. Only looking after self and not giving a damn about anyone else, or how our actions may affect or hurt others. Do not our actions mirror our morals? The starting line was false by default. We have only the power to want to make that line straight. True. Perhaps narrow, even.

Hey God, define “truth”.


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